Tuesday, January 23, 2018


FPO Series flyer type pay-off units are mostly used with dual configuration. Dual Flyer Type Pay-Off Units are called as "DFPO Series".

Dual Flyer Pay-Off Units are enabling non-stop unwinding of small diameter conductors or cables while line is working without any slowing down.

Ending of cable/wire/conductor of the working reel is welded to the beginnig part of the spare reel. By this way, when working reel is empty, unwinding from the spare reel automatically begins without stopping or any slowing down of the line.

This type of Pay-Off units are suitable for unwinding single core conductors up to 4 mm diameter. For larger diameters, other type of Pay-Off units must be considered.

Multi-wire conductors can be unwinded up to 4 mm diameter in models with motor and rotating trays. For customers who will use multi-wire conductor in production, we recommend to use models with motor.


Flyer Pay-Off units have models with or without motors. Customer may prefer according to their usage purpose. Models with motors can work up to 800 m/min actual unwinding speed (unwinding speed may be affected from other factors). Also in models with motors customers may ask for option for selectable unwinding direction.

Lifting and lowering of reels can be made by a hydraulic arm or with motor according to customer request.

In necessary cases, in order to straight coiled wire/conductor, a dresage unit can be mounted to the exit of the Flyer Pay-Off unit.

After pay-off unit, at the entrance of the line, tension control unit may be placed according to requirements of production or customer (Optional).